It's a very special perfume that has been imagined as a second skin. A discreet perfume that merges with you.

We created it to remind you that when you forgive, you do it first for yourself, for your inner peace.

In life, we must be strong enough to leave what makes us suffer or makes us no longer happy. We must not think of others, we must first think of ourselves. The perfume LET IT GO transmits this spirit, a fragrance for oneself above all else.


Made in Canada - Eau de Toilette 10 ml (170 sprays)



  • The virtuosity of this fragrance takes place when the Myrrh fuses with Iris' notes to offer a sumptuous olfactory spectacle.


    You have never experienced a fragrance that envelops you as much in its richness and elegance and yet so discreet.

    It is a sensual and personal fragrance. The perfume is deliberately close to the smell of the skin except that your skin would never felt so good.

    I also invite you to spray your pillow before falling asleep and read your personal message on the cellular application. Then let the Collection De Massy do its magic to help you let go.

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