Life can throw us into situations where we can feel overwhelmed by doubts, frustration or other low emotions. In those situations it is important to stay grounded.

Being grounded means being present in our lives, not focusing obsessively on either the past or the future. If you’re grounded, you’re in complete control of your mental and emotional self, and not easily influenced by others and rarely think about “what ifs.”


We imagined this fragrance like a long walk in nature. Feel regenerated, calm with your feet on the ground. You are fully supported.

Now close your eyes and take 3 long deep breaths. Bring your awareness to the present moment. Feel the air around you, your clothes on your body and notice any sounds around you. Spray your fragrance “GROUNDED” to experience clarity, wholeness and harmony.


Made in Canada – Eau de Toilette 10 ml (170 sprays)